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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Busy times

Brrrr winter is here! Since September I've been fairly busy making presents for family and friends. I've had a few nice commissions which is always good. 

My son was 2 years old last week which seems bonkers how fast he has grown up! Here he is the day after his birthday jumping in puddles!

In winter I'm determined to get a range of jewellery designed and made so its ready to launch for summer 2015. I may even have to stop commissions and just concentrate on my own work for a while as its something that I haven't spent any time on really. 

So here are some of the pieces I've been making, some designs you would have seen before. I made some personalised cuff-links for my dad with his initials stamped on the front.I see a lot of cufflinks made from really thin silver sheet which looks and feels cheap. I always like to make my cufflinks with chunky pieces of silver. I love the simple design of these cuff links and I've been getting some great feedback from people on them.

I also had a commission for some personlised cufflinks in the same style. This time I just added a line to make them slightly different to what I've made before.

I had a repair job to do on an emerald ring that I made a while ago for my sister in law. Being completely honest I didnt set it well enough, the wall of the setting was damaged to easily and I think the wall was too thin.

 So learning from my mistake I didn't use bezel strip this time, I used .8mm sterling silver sheet which was a lot harder to set however held the stone very well with plenty of material around it.I cut out the back of the setting so light can pass through the stone because as you can see below the stone is beautiful. All in all I learnt a lot doing this, it took me a few attempts but was well worth doing.

Another little commission I had was to make some little heart studs. For something so simple I was actually really pleased with the way they turned out. I used some 3mm sheet and that extra depth of metal really adds to the shape.

I've got a few more commissions to make and some repair work to do before Christmas. Then hopefully you might start to see some of my own designs and in the new year I would like to launch a range of new jewellery. I hope your all enjoying the cold weather and getting ready for the festive period! Take care :)

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Summer Time

As Will Smith said "Summer, summer summertime time to sit back and unwind!"

So its been a brilliant summer its unfortunate its all coming to an end. The last post I did was back in MAY!! So sorry its been so long, or maybe your glad not to hear my ramblings.

This summer has been one of the best summers of my life, great holidays, great weather and all spent with my wonderful family & friends. I really hope you have all enjoyed yourselves! 
So I'm going to give you a picture diary of some of the pieces I made over summer and what I've been doing outside of work.

So I started the summer off by doing a 12k mud run with my work colleagues Charity Mud run which was great fun!We had a great holiday in Cornwall with some brilliant surf! We also bought my son his first wetsuit, he will be in the waves before we know it!! So proud of him he is growing up so fast! We attended the Bristol balloon fiesta for the first time and it was well worth the early start, truly an amazing sight! 

The first big news on the jewellery side of things is I have finally got some pieces on my Etsy page Jon lendrum. This is really exciting and I made my first sale a few weeks ago which was an amazing feeling. I found out about the sale on a Friday night and lets just say I indulged in cider drinking and wasn't feeling well in the morning! So these are my first editions to my shop:

 I've had so many people requesting sets of my stacking rings. I love soldering up a big stack of rings! I made some for my hairdresser Natalie Light at Escape Hairdressing and She loved them which is so refreshing to hear as this is why I make jewellery for such nice feedback, thanks Nat!

The rings above are a textured ever so slightly which reflects the light beautifully.  

The studs are made from recycled silver and this time I removed the black in the detail for a much more clean look. 

I had the honour of another wedding ring commission which was a 9ct white gold 5mm x 2mm wedding band. I love making wedding rings knowing that it will be worn for the rest of there lives and I made it! Amazing!

I spent a lot of time finishing this piece with some new techniques and it came off really well. The finish was exactly what I was hoping for.

I made a link necklace for my wonderful auntie Dorothy. It was her birthday last week so I made her some matching earrings which I hope match the necklace well. 

Unfortunately I only have a making of photo of the necklace I made her.

Moving on from my own work and onto someone else I found. I had the pleasure of discovering Eily O'Connell's work recently. Her work is incredible, so raw and magical to look at and so insipring. The organic nature of her pieces gives so much life to the jewellery, I just love it go and check her work out Eily O'connell.

Short and sweat for about 4 months of activity! That's about all, its nice to be blogging again. Theres lots of nice pieces that i'm working on at the moment so keep an eye out for my October post. take care everyone, I'd love to know what you all think of my work so please feel free to leave a comment. 

Twitter - @JonLendrum
Etsy - JonLendrum

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Stacking Rings

I thought I'd try and keep the ball rolling with my blog and get another update on here.

 I made some stacking rings a while ago for my sister in law's 30th. Her birth stone is an emerald so I bought a beautiful emerald cabochon to set on one of the three rings. I've never set this stone before and was warned to be very careful as its softer than other stones that I've worked on. I  think I unfortunately put a scratch on the wall of the stone being to heavy handed when burnishing :( But its all experience and I learnt so much from it. Stone setting is something that I need to practice and practice and practice and practice......and practice. 

So I made three stacking rings out of sterling silver for Ruth and each one had a different texture on them metal. Here are some photos:

In my last blog post I spoke about a new polish I started using which is the luxi orange. I did three polishes on these rings and the orange really does make that subtle difference in finishes. It makes the silver feel a lot brighter, I'm so pleased with the results from using it. 

Once these were done I moved onto making some more stacking rings, six in total. I made five silver rings out of 2mm round wire, just to keep a good weight to the rings but also not making them to chunky to be uncomfortable to wear.

I'm going to experiment with different finishes on the rings. I'm hoping to make ten different stacking rings so you can build your own stack if you wanted to buy some.

When I was back at my mum and dads I came across a very small silver plated spoon which used to be my grandmas. It has tarnished quite a bit but just needs some TLC. So I've decided to work on it to bring back the shine as its such a lovely little spoon I thought once its polished it will look brilliant. I took some photos so you can appreciate the size of the spoon.

Among all of the other bits I'm doing I'm also working on the most important project of all... building a sandpit for my son! I love the whole upcycling concept so I thought I would grab some pallets from work that were being thrown out and put them to good use. There's going to be very little carpentry skills involved in this, I want to make it as easy as possible trying to preserve as much of the pallets shape and build as possible

Pulling out the grooved nails is a nightmare as there made to stay in! I've managed to hollow out two pallets to act as the outer edge of the sandpit. Oskar was loving all the banging and came out to help his daddy by using a screw driver!! 

I need to find some sort of material to line the inside of the sandpit with so if anyone has any old tarp or pond liner they don't want send it my way!! I'm hoping with a lick of paint that the end result will be really nice. 

So things are nice and busy again which is great, I will make sure I keep you all updated with the latest happenings. If anyone reading this has a blog send me a link I'm always looking to promote other peoples work. 

Work tomorrow BOOO!!! 

Monday, 28 April 2014

Silver Bow

Hello everyone, I thought I should write a post just to let everyone know that I haven't fallen off the ends of the earth. Its a quick post about a little ring I made out of sterling silver. To make this I sculpted the bow and cast it myself. Once the casting was cleaned up I then soldered the ring shank and soldered the two pieces together.Then through multiple stages of sanding and polishing and here we are:

I've been really trying to improve my finish on my jewellery and recently purchased some of this stuff :

I thought I had the best finishing polish using rouge but this stuff is brilliant. I went through three stages of polishing on this bow ring which really payed off. Its a long process but well worth the effort, it gives such a highly polished finish getting rid of all the tiny tiny scratches other compounds leave. You can buy it at Cooksongold

 Anyway this was just a quick update, I hope your all well and I hope to have more pieces to show you very soon. 

Sunday, 2 February 2014

New Silver Bits

I hope you've all managed to escape any flooding going on around the uk. Its been wet wet wet, not nice. Can you believe that January is over already, before we know it the dafs will be out and shorts will be on :)

 I recently discovered that somebody I used to work with has set up her own jewellery business and makes some really quirky pieces so go check her products out Made By Daisy

Just writing a post about some pieces I've recently finished, all made from sterling as always. The first is a ring I made for my wife for crimbo. This was the largest shape I've ever cast and was very hard to get enough heat from my tiny plumbers torch. I had to melt about 12 grams of silver which doesn't sound much but when you've only got a small torch to do so it takes a lot of time and technique to melt it down. So my first attempt as you can see didn't flow all the way through the button. With a little more heat and a larger funnel going into it the second attempt worked really well!

Once I had it cast it was just a case of cleaning it up soldering onto the ring and polish.

 My next piece was one of my name necklaces for the lovely Holly Churches. I had a bit of a delay making this so I decided to make Holly some little studs as a thank you for being so patient!

The circular studs I matte finished on the top and the triangles were polished. Both sets of studs were made from 1.5mm Sterling silver sheet. I wanted to be playful with the packaging hence the smiley face. 

Instead of my traditional brown manilla boxes I decided to try out black boxes with a hand painted logo on them. I was really happy with how it looked for something so simple.

My final piece was silver link necklace for my auntie Dorothy. I had made these links before for some bracelets but not for a necklace. It was a bit of a marathon of soldering and cleaning up, it took me a long time get it ready for polishing.

When I did finally come to polish it, having a dremel to do so, it took bloody ages!! I went through four polishing mops and plenty of rubber burrs to get it looking nice and shiny. It was worth it though, Dorothy loved it and it looked great on her. 

My son was quality control just checking the fit and finish before I packaged it up :) Love him!

So that's it from me, hope you like my work, time to get cracking on my etsy bits. Take care everyone

Thursday, 2 January 2014

2013 Recap

          Well Happy new year everyone!! I hope you've all over indulged in booze, chocolate and cheese I know that my jeans feel tighter.

           Following on from my last post I have now finished off a lot of pieces that I mentioned and can share some photos. So lets start with a ring that I was commissioned to make for a good friend of mine who has moved to New Zealand, the lucky buggar! His girlfriend wanted a ring with New Zealand and the UK engraved onto it to represent the move out there. So working closely with Rachel we came up with the idea of engraving the outline of both countries on the inside of the ring connected by some line work and there initials and anniversary date. The detail of the outline was sacrificed a little because of the size they had to be and the dremel bits I had. So here it is: 

            I used 7mm wide silver wire which had such a nice weight to it. Before soldering the ring together I dremeled in the design on the silver. Ireland unfortunately had to be made a lot smaller! Sorry Ireland. So once the design was done I soldered the ring and filed in the bevel on the corners of the ring.

            Then I sanded and polished the ring using blue and white Luxi polish. I loved the idea of having a matt finish down the centre of the ring so brushed that finish on the band after polishing. I absolutely loved the shape of this ring and Sean and Rachel were chuffed to bits with it! I was tempted to keep it for myself I loved it that much.

            My other pieces were three pairs of cufflinks for my good friends Lise & Jake's wedding. I learnt so much making these as each pair challenged me in different ways. 

             Above left  Jake requested a curved bar for the back which worked really well. I always like to make bespoke backs to my cufflinks as I think far too many cufflinks just have generic swivel backs on them that cheapens the piece. I had them engraved for me as I think it was well beyond my skillset to engrave them myself. Above right are Jake's cufflinks that Lise commissioned me to make. In that photo they had just been soldered and the date of there wedding and there initials stamped on the back of them.

            Above is showing the cufflinks a little further along after some file work. The ones on the right are cast using delph clay. I've made these before however this time round I've refined the design a little and finished them much crisper.

         Here are all three sets before I handed them over. I really enjoyed making these cufflinks and was very pleased with how they turned out. I'm going to work towards bringing out a range of cufflinks this year. (Excuse the baby monitor).

           Looking back at there wedding I feel soo proud and honored to have been asked to make so many pieces for them. The wedding was truly special and to see our close friends so happy was amazing....and Jake finally wearing his wedding ring that I made was awesome! My Wife, Oskar and I wish them all the happiness in the world and hope there enjoying there honeymoon!

           They were the main pieces that I was working on, 2013 was an interesting year dipping my toes into the jewellery world. I'm very excited for this year, I'm hoping for big things like finally getting a range of jewellery together and opening my etsy shop. I hope 2014 is a fantastic year for everyone :)


Saturday, 9 November 2013

The One Ring

So I'm still working on commissions and being Christmas time and working on some wedding pieces, I still cant put photos up just in case there's a slight chance of somebody seeing them. One big job I finished recently was a wedding ring for my good friend Jake. This was the first time I'd worked with white gold. I was constantly having heart attacks making this as it not only was a wedding ring but to make it for a friend made it extra extra special to me and to get it right was very important! I had a few moments where I needed advice from the one and only Alice Goldsack who guided me perfectly. Here are a couple of snaps:

Handing the wedding ring over and having such a positive reaction from Jake as he loved it made me realise how much satisfaction I get from making things for people. I want to say a big thank you to Jake and Lise for trusting me with making this ring :)

I have a facebook page now so go and check it out and like it if you haven't done so already     JLHandmadeJewellery

Hope your all being creative and enjoying the cold weather. More photos soon